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Shall I take thee, the Poet said
Shame is the shawl of Pink
She bore it till the simple veins
She dealt her pretty words like Blades
She died – this was the way she died
She died at play
She dwelleth in the Ground
She hideth Her the last
She lay as if at play
She sights a Bird – she chuckles
She staked her Feathers – Gained an Arc
She sweeps with many-colored Brooms
She went as quiet as the Dew
Shells from the Coast mistaking
She’s happy, with a new Content
Should you but fail at – Sea
“Sic transit gloria mundi”
Size circumscribes – it has no room
Smiling back from Coronation
So bashful when I spied her!
So from the mould
So give me back to Death
So glad we are – a Stranger’d deem
So I pull my Stockings off
So large my Will
So much of Heaven has gone from Earth
So much Summer
So proud she was to die
So set its Sun in Thee
So the Eyes accost – and sunder
So well that I can live without
Soft as the massacre of Suns
Softened by Time’s consummate plush
Some – Work for Immortality
Some Days retired from the rest
Some keep the Sabbath going to Church
Some Rainbow – coming from the Fair!
Some say goodnight – at night
Some such Butterfly be seen
Some things that fly there be
Some we see no more, Tenements of Wonder
Some Wretched creature, savior take
Some, too fragile for winter winds
Somehow myself survived the Night
Somewhat, to hope for
Somewhere opon the general Earth
Soto! Explore thyself!
Soul, take thy risk
Soul, Wilt thou toss again?
South Winds jostle them
“Sown in dishonor”!
Speech – is a prank of Parliament
Split the Lark – and you’ll find the Music
Spring comes on the World
Spring is the Period
Still own thee – still thou art
Strong Draughts of Their Refreshing Minds
Struck, was I, nor yet by Lightning
Succes is counted sweetest
Summer for thee, grant I may be
Summer has two Beginnings
Summer laid her simple Hat
Sunset at Night – is natural
Sunset that screens, reveals
Superiority to Fate
Surgeons must be very careful
Surprise is like a thrilling – pungent
Suspense – is Hostiler than Death
Sweet – You forgot – but I remembered
Sweet hours have perished here
Sweet is the swamp with it’s secrets
Sweet Pirate of the Heart
Sweet Skepticism of the Heart
Sweet, to have had them lost