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A Bee his burnished Carriage
A Bird came down the Walk
A Burdock – clawed my Gown
A Charm invests a face
A Clock stopped
A Cloud withdrew from the Sky
A Coffin – is a small Domain
A curious Cloud surprised the Sky
A darting year – a pomp – a tear
A Day! Help! Help!
A Death blow – is a Life blow – to Some
A Deed knocks first at Thought
A Dew sufficed itself
A Diamond on the Hand
A Door just opened on a street
A doubt if it be Us
A Drop Fell on the Apple Tree
A Drunkard cannot meet a Cork
A Dying Tiger – moaned for Drink
A face devoid of love or grace
A faded Boy – in sallow Clothes
A feather from the Whippoorwill
A fuzzy fellow, without feet
A great Hope fell
A happy lip – breaks sudden
A House upon the Height
A Letter is a joy of Earth
A Light exists in Spring
A little bread – a crust – a crumb
A little Dog that wags his tail
A little East of Jordan
A little Madness in the Spring
A little Road – not made of Man
A long – long Sleep –
A loss of something ever felt I
A Man may make a Remark
A Mien to move a Queen
A Mine there is no Man would own
A Murmur in the Trees – to note
A narrow Fellow in the Grass
A Night – there lay the Days between
A Pang is more conspicuous in Spring
A Pit – but Heaven over it
A poor – torn heart – a tattered heart
A precious – mouldering pleasure – ‘tis
A Prison gets to be a friend
A Route of Evanescence
A Saucer holds a Cup
A science – so the Savants say,
A Secret told
A sepal – petal – and a thorn
A Shade upon the mind there passes
A shady friend – for Torrid days
A Sickness of this World it most occasions
A single Clover Plank
A single Screw of Flesh
A slash of Blue
A Sloop of Amber slips away
A soft Sea washed around the House
A solemn thing – it was – I said
A Solemn thing within the Soul
A something in a summer’s Day
A South Wind – has a pathos
A Sparrow took a Slice of Twig
A Spider sewed at Night
A still – Volcano – Life
A Thought went up my mind today
A throe upon the features
A Toad, can die of Light
A Tongue – to tell Him I am true!
A Tooth upon Our Peace
A train went through a burial gate
A transport one cannot contain
A Visitor in Marl
A Weight with Needles on the pounds
A Wife – at daybreak I shall be
A wild Blue sky abreast of Winds
A Wind that rose
A Word dropped careless on a Page
A word is dead
A Word made Flesh is seldom
A World made penniless by that departure
A Wounded Deer – leaps highest

Abraham to kill him
Absence disembodies – so does Death
Adrift! A little boat adrift!
Afraid! Of whom am I afraid?
After a hundred years
After great pain, a formal feeling comes
After the Sun comes out
Again – his voice is at the door
Ah, Moon – and Star!
Ah, Necromancy Sweet!
Ah, Teneriffe!
All but Death, Can be Adjusted
All Circumstances are the Frame
All men for Honor hardest work
All overgrown by cunning moss
All the letters I can write
All these my banners be
Alone, I cannot be
Alter! When the Hills do
Although I put away his life
Ambition cannot find him
Ample make this Bed
An altered look about the hills
An Antiquated Tree
An awful Tempest mashed the air
An Everywhere of Silver
An honest Tear
An ignorance a Sunset
“And with what Body do they come”?
Angels in the early morning
Answer July
Apology for Her
Apparently with no surprise
“Arcturus” is his other name
Are Friends Delight or Pain?
Art thou the thing I wanted?
Artists wrestled here!
As by the dead we love to sit
As children bid the Guest “Good-night”
As far from pity, as complaint
As from the Earth the light Balloon
As Frost is best conceived
As if I asked a common Alms
As if some little Arctic flower
As if the Sea should part
As imperceptibly as Grief
As old as Woe
As One does Sickness over
As Sleigh Bells seem in Summer
As Summer into Autumn slips
As the Starved Maelstrom laps the Navies
As Watchers hang upon the East
Ashes denote that Fire was
At Half past Three, a single Bird
At last, to be identified!
At least – to pray – is left – is left
Aurora is the effort
Autumn – overlooked my Knitting
Awake ye muses nine, sing me a strain divine
Away from Home are some and I