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A Bee his burnished Carriage
A Bird came down the Walk
A Charm invests a face
A Clock stopped
A Cloud withdrew from the Sky
A Coffin – is a small Domain
A curious Cloud surprised the Sky
A darting year – a pomp – a tear
A Death blow – is a Life blow – to Some
A Diamond on the Hand
A Door just opened on a street
A Drop Fell on the Apple Tree
A Dying Tiger – moaned for Drink
A feather from the Whippoorwill
A fuzzy fellow, without feet
A great Hope fell
A House upon the Height
A Light exists in Spring
A little bread – a crust – a crumb
A little East of Jordan
A little Madness in the Spring
A little Road – not made of Man
A long – long Sleep –
A Man may make a Remark
A Murmur in the Trees – to note
A narrow Fellow in the Grass
A Night – there lay the Days between
A Pang is more conspicuous in Spring
A Pit – but Heaven over it
A poor – torn heart – a tattered heart
A precious – mouldering pleasure – ’tis
A Prison gets to be a friend
A Route of Evanescence
A science – so the Savants say,
A Secret told
A Shade upon the mind there passes
A Sickness of this World it most occasions
A Sloop of Amber slips away
A solemn thing – it was – I said
A Solemn thing within the Soul
A something in a summer’s Day
A South Wind – has a pathos
A Spider sewed at Night
A still – Volcano – Life
A Thought went up my mind today
A throe upon the features
A Toad, can die of Light
A Tongue – to tell Him I am true!
A train went through a burial gate
A Visitor in Marl
A Wife – at daybreak I shall be
A Wind that rose
A Word dropped careless on a Page
A word is dead
A Word made Flesh is seldom
A World made penniless by that departure
A Wounded Deer – leaps highest