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Just as He spoke it from his Hands
Just lost, when I was saved!
Just Once! Oh least Request!


Lain in Nature – so suffice us
Lay this Laurel on the one
Lest this be Heaven indeed
Let Us play Yesterday
“Lethe” in my flower
Life is death we’re lengthy at
Life, and Death, and Giants
Light is sufficient to itself
Like her the Saints retire
Like Mighty Foot Lights – burned the Red
Longing is like the Seed
Look back on time with kindly eyes
Love can do all but raise the Dead
Love is – anterior to Life
Love reckons by itself – alone
Love’s stricken “why”
Low at my problem bending


Make me a picture of the sun
“Mama” never forgets her birds
Many cross the Rhine
March is the Month of Expectation
Me – come! My dazzled face
Me from Myself – to banish
Me prove it now – Whoever doubt
Midsummer, was it, when They died
Mine – by the Right of the White Election!
More Life – went out – when He went
More than the Grave is closed to me
“Morning” – means “Milking”
Most she touched me by her muteness
Much madness is divinest sense
Musicians wrestle everywhere
Must be a Woe
My best Acquaintances are those
My Cocoon tightens – Colors tease
My country need not change her gown
My Faith is larger than the Hills
My friend attacks my friend!
My friend must be a Bird
My Garden – like the Beach
My life closed twice before its close
My Life had stood – a Loaded Gun
My Maker – let me be
My nosegays are for Captives
My period had come for Prayer
My Portion is Defeat – today
My River runs to thee
My wheel is in the dark!
Myself can read the Telegrams
Myself was formed – a Carpenter