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Each Life converges to some Centre
Each Scar I’ll keep for Him
Each Second is the last
Each that we lose takes part of us
Echo has no Magistrate
Eden is that old–fashioned House
Elijah’s Wagon knew no thill
Elisabeth told Essex
Elysium is as far as to
Embarrassment of one another
Empty my Heart, of Thee
Endanger it, and the Demand
Ended, ere it begun
Endow the Living – with the Tears
Escape is such a thankful Word
Escaping backward to perceive
Essential Oils – are wrung
Estranged from Beauty – none can be
Except the smaller size
Except the Heaven had come so near
Except to Heaven, she is nought
Exhilaration – is within
Exhiliration is the Breeze
Expectation – is Contentment
Expanse cannot be lost
Experience is the Angled Road
Experiment escorts us last
Experiment to me
Extol thee – could I – Then I will
Exultation is the going


Facts by our side are never sudden
Fairer through Fading – as the Day
Faith – is the Pierless Bridge
“Faith” is a fine invention
“Faithful to the end” amended
Falsehood of Thee, could I suppose
Fame is a bee
Fame is a fickle food
Fame is the one that does not stay
Fame is the tint that Scholars leave
Fame of Myself, to justify
Fame’s Boys and Girls
Far from Love the Heavenly Father
Fate slew Him, but He did not drop
Father – I bring thee – not myself
Ferocious as a Bee without a wing
Few, yet enough
Finding is the first Act
Finite – to fail, but infinite to Venture
Fitter to see Him, I may be
Flees so the phantom meadow
Floss wont save you from an Abyss
Flowers – Well – if anybody
Fly – fly – but as you fly
For each ecstatic instant
For Death – or rather
For every Bird a Nest
For largest Woman’s Hearth I knew
For this – accepted Breath
Forbidden Fruit a flavor has
Forever – is composed of Nows
Forever at His side to walk
Forever honored be the Tree
Forget! The lady with the Amulet
Fortitude incarnate
Four Trees – upon a solitary Acre
Frequently the woods are pink
Frigid and sweet Her parting Face
From all the Jails the Boys and Girls
From Blank to Blank
From Cocoon forth a Butterfly
From his slim Palace in the Dust
From Us She wandered now a Year
Funny – to be a Century
Further in Summer than the Birds


Garlands for Queens, may be
Gathered into the Earth
Give little Anguish
Given in Marriage unto Thee
Glass was the Street – in Tinsel Peril
Glee – The great storm is over
Glory is that bright tragic thing
Glowing is her Bonnet
Go not too near a House of Rose
Go slow, my soul, to feed thyself
“Go tell it” – What a Message
Go thy great way!
“Go travelling with us”!
God gave a Loaf to every Bird
God is a distant – stately Lover
God is indeed a jealous God
God made a little Gentian
God made no act without a cause
God permits industrious Angels
Going to Heaven!
Going to Her!
Good Morning – Midnight
“Good night,” because we must!
Good Night! Which put the Candle out?
Good to hide, and hear ‘em hunt!
Gratitude – is not the mention
Great Caesar! Condescend
Great Streets of silence led away
Grief is a Mouse
Growth of Man – like Growth of Nature
Guest am I to have


Had I known that the first was the last
Had I not seen the Sun
Had I not This, or This, I said
Had I presumed to hope
Had this one Day not been
Had we known the Ton she bore
Had we our senses
Have any like Myself
Have you got a Brook in your little heart
He ate and drank the precious Words
He forgot – and I – remembered
He fought like those Who’ve nought to lose
He found my Being – set it up
He fumbles at your Soul
He gave away his Life
He is alive, this morning
He lived the Life of Ambush
He outstripped Time with but a Bout
He parts Himself – like Leaves
He preached upon “Breadth”
He put the Belt around my life
He scanned it – staggered
He strained my faith
He told a homely tale
He touched me, so I live to know
He was my host – he was my guest
He was weak, and I was strong – then
He went by sleep that drowsy route
He who in Himself believes
Heart not so heavy as mine
Heart! We will forget him!
“Heaven” – is what I cannot reach!
“Heaven” has different Signs – to me
Heaven is so far of the Mind
“Heavenly Father” – take to thee
Her – “last Poems”
Her breast is fit for pearls
Her face was in a bed of hair
Her final Summer was it
Her Grace is all she has
Her little Parasol to lift
Her Losses make our Gains ashamed
Her smile was shaped like other smiles
Her sovreign People
Her spirit rose to such a height
Her Sweet turn to leave the Homestead
Her sweet Weight on my Heart a Night
Here, where the Daisies fit my Head
Herein a Blossom lies
High from the earth I heard a bird
His Bill an Augur is
His Bill is clasped – his Eye forsook
His Cheek is his Biographer
His Feet are shod with Gauze
His Heart was darker than the starless night
His little Hearse like Figure
His Mansion in the Pool
His Mind like Fabrics of the East
His mind of man, a secret makes
His oriental heresies
His voice decrepit was with Joy
Hope is a strange invention
Hope is a subtle Glutton
“Hope” is the thing with feathers
“Houses” – so the Wise Men tell me
How brittle are the Piers
How dare the robins sing
How destitute is he
How far is it to Heaven?
How firm eternity must look
How fits his Umber Coat
How fleet – how indiscreet an one
How fortunate the Grave
How good his Lava Bed
How happy I was if I could forget
How happy is the little Stone
How Human Nature dotes
How know it from a Summer’s Day?
How lonesome the Wind must feel Nights
How many Flowers fail in Wood
How many schemes may die
How many times these low feet staggered
How much of Source escapes with thee
How much the present moment means
How News must feel when travelling
How noteless Men, and Pleiads, stand
How ruthless are the gentle
How sick – to wait – in any place – but thine
How slow the Wind – how slow the Sea
How soft a Caterpillar steps
How soft this Prison is
How still the Bells in Steeples stand
How the old Mountains drip with Sunset
How the Waters closed above Him
How well I knew Her not